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Why Training Employees ?

Entosa Cyber Security offers realtime knowledge apart from bundle of books as well as quality IT training programs to students unanimously. We have highly skilled and industry-experienced as well as professionally qualified trainers.Team Entosa Cyber Security is updated with new and blooming technologies that can help corporates to deliver faster, better, effective and powerful solutions. Our new innovative program allows a trainers or a team of trainers of various organizations to upgrade their knowledge/skills as per the current market trends which in turn helps them to produce efficient solutions. TechBharat offers corporates to send their professionals to our training locations for training them on the latest and highly updated technologies so that these professionals can learn and implement the new knowledge in their organizations. Apart from this, Entosa Cyber Security offers different type of services like ethical hacking boot camps, cyber forensics boot camps, pentesting boot camps, web designing boot camps, backtrack, corporate trainings, ethical hacking workshops, classroom trainings, penetration testing and many more.

Most of the security breaches in an organization arise from the lack of security awareness of employees. Hence, these corporate trainings on Ethical Hacking and Information Security are aimed towards equipping employees, employer and working professionals with skills and knowledge to understand Information Security needs and minimize risks, which is essential for inculcating overall IT Security of any organization. These corporate trainings on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Forensics and Information Security delivered by Entosa Cyber Security are customized as per the corporate requirement with an aim to teach each employee the nuances of the current Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crime happenings and how to defend themselves and their organization. These corporate trainings encompasses loads of real life case studies, Live Hacking, an interactive environment, various security tools and techniques and hands-on experience which ensures that each of the employee is well prepared to deal with the ever-increasing range of Cyber attacks.

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