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A Brief Overview

Entosa Cyber Security, Flagship Company of Entosa Technologies Private Limited, is working towards the vision to develop India as a Cyber Secured Country. It is a leading player in India to provide Ethical Hacking & IT Security Training to all possible audience. Entosa Cyber Security has a wide and vibrant profile which caters to a range of professional courses that are customized to suit the aspirations of different graduate streams. The USP of the company lies in its ability to clean and sustain itself, it is supported by a clear and strong business model that focuses of improvising to adjust with the trends and needs of a volatile market.

Digital Security is the need of an hour. Entosa Cyber Security provides training and education in the field of Ethical Hacking & Information Security to the students from schools and colleges as well as to corporate executives. Trainings can be availed at client location (Onsite Training), at Entosa Cyber Security Training Center (Offsite Training) or through distance mode.The IT sector is currently facing a shortage in Security Solutions.

Entosa's home-grown concept of IT with Security Plugins has proved to be an exemplary solution. It aims to create a better workforce which could support and shape the evolving sector of IT security. In this way, Entosa Cyber Security helps the IT sector by providing efficient and cost-effective manpower for their businesses. Engineering & MCA colleges are aplenty, however a flip side of this truth is that there is a dearth of trained and motivated faculty, because of which students are unable to meet the corporate requirements of the market. Entosa Cyber Security with its initiative Campus2Corporate aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired from university and the ability to tackle the day-to-day problems faced by the industry.

Company Motto


Our vision is to sensitize the professionals and students about the need to master IT Security skill set. Entosa Cyber Security aimed at building a culture of trained security professionals that would help the industries reduce their dependency upon foreign experts. We are one of the fastest growing and globally recognized IT Securities firm for conducting workshops and corporate training in India and world-wide.

Our efforts are focused on bringing out the best within every individual and epitomizing his capacity to unprecedented levels. Our aim is to create a foolproof and impeccably secure information system in India to guard against all kind of malicious information security breach. Thus, empowering the nation with reliable, efficient and secure database systems.


Our mission is to render every database based transaction safe, secure and simple. We aim to transform the internet security industry by infusing professionalism and a never before seen efficiency.With many years of experience and meticulous expertise we are here to safeguard your interests and critical data from online and offline threats or vulnerabilities.

We provide cutting edge internet security solutions to help our customers achieve unprecedented levels of smoothness and productivity.Alongside we dream to create a parallel equipped workforce that will shape the future in the business of internet securities. Our aim is to make every technical student an ace in internet securities.

What we do ?


Team at Entosa Cyber Security believes that opportunities are borne out of imperfections. Our Education Entrepreneurship Firm, aims to deliver high-end security solutions and training to students and corporates to prepare them to meet the challenges of IT Security Industry. Entosa Cyber Security also set the benchmark in the industry by being the premier entity that introduced the concept of IT with Security Plugins in India and since then, the Indian IT sector has soared higher. A committed management team anchors the organization effectively to its goal of providing high quality solutions to its clients. Equipped with technical expertise, excellent domain knowledge and extensive cross-functional experience, they nurture interactive relationships with the client community.

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